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Medical software development
Artezio is a multi-branch IT company (branches in USA, Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine) rendering development services for a variety of industries including medical and healthcare institutions. Let us give you a call and give an assessment of your med programming challenges withing a few days Medical software development

LT-CRS - Telecom Cost Reduction Specialists
U.S. businesses and healthcare waste over 38 billion dollars a year in lost telecom expense due to telephone company errors. A professional telecom audit will most likely significantly reduce your telecom bill expenses. Every company wants to cut costs & gain an edge on the competition. Make sure that you are PAYING for telecommunication services you are actually USING, & the services you are USING, are what you actually NEED! FREE CONSULTATION. LT-CRS - Telecom Cost Reduction Specialists

Healthcare Technology
Management Systems provides help to non-profit and not-for-profit organizations in managing their technology issues successfully.

Internet Hoaxes
A list and history of time- and bandwidth- wasting Internet hoaxes. Check this one out before falling for anyone's plea to 'forward this to everyone you know.'

Israel Science and Technology Directory
Israel's national database and directory of science and technology related web sites. It includes biology and medical sciences related companies, government agencies, institutes of higher education, research centers, funds, associations, and conferences in Israel.

JournalToGo service is an internet-based personal filter for physicians through which medical journal information, therapeutic updates, and medical news is routed to a physician's Palm/handheld. JournalToGo exploits the market trend to rapidly deliver relevant content on handheld devices.

Madison - Synnovation, LLC
Synnovation can help you make sure your software not only reaches the marketplace successfully, but achieves lucrative results immediately after it arrives.
Comprehensive resource for medical professionals that utilize mobile and wireless technologies in the clinical environment. Continuously updated news, reviews, features and forums on a wide range of handheld computers, PDAs and other mobile devices.

Stellar Software.
Beam Four optical ray tracer for use by students and optical engineers. Java edition runs on all platforms.

University of New South Wales; Centre for Health Informatics
The Centre for Health Informatics engages in research, development and commercialisation of advanced information and communication technologies for health care delivery. CHI pursues research into clinical decision-support, clinical communication, home telecare and evaluation.

Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
Home page of W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative, resources for increasing accessibility of the Web for people with disabilities

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