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About Dental Healthlinks

At Dental Healthlinks, we provide patients in need of emergency dental services with the information they need to find help quickly. Our helpline feature dentists within Montgomery, Alabama, and beyond who are willing and able to help solve your dental emergency quickly and effectively.

Emergency Dentists in Montgomery, Alabama

If you've experienced a dental emergency in Montgomery, give us a call at [PHONENUMBER] or view our directory to find emergency dentists near you. With a quick phone call to our emergency staff, we'll get you connected with Greater Montgomery area dentists who can help you.

Prepare for Your Montgomery Dental Visit

Before your emergency dentist appointment, please ensure you have all appropriate healthcare paperwork, including your health care history information and dental insurance documentation. Please also plan to arrive early, taking into account Montgomery area traffic and leaving yourself enough time to fill out paperwork upon your arrival at the dentist.

When Should You Visit An Emergency Room Instead of an Emergency Dentist?

Traumatic dental emergencies that occur from sports-related contact or serious falls should be treated in a traditional hospital ER instead of an emergency dental clinic. These emergencies could have additional ramifications to the rest of your body, like broken bones or concussions. If you are experiencing a dental emergency that does not include injury to the rest of your body, you may wish to see an emergency dentist in the Montgomery area. An emergency dentist will be better equipped to handle your ailment than a traditional hospital emergency room might be.

Montgomery Emergency Dentists

Use the Dental Healthlinks database to find local Montgomery dentists who are available for dental emergencies, or call our hotline for free help scheduling your appointment (855)111-1111