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Reviews on Posture Correctors (posture braces)
Reviews and Buyers Guide to the best posture correctors (posture braces)

A Back Rub co
Massage supply products and massage therapy for stress management and stress relief. Get foot, back and body massage techniques from our massage therapist on a massage chair, table or bed.

Academy of Mensendieck Specialists
Back therapy, body mechanics, and correct posture system with videos for sale. Includes seminar and class info.

Achilles Medical
Specialist in sports medicine and fracture bracing.

Active Seat
Online store offering inflatable seat cushion, designed to help relieve back pain, stiffness, fatigue, and more.

Adaptive Technologies & Research, Inc.
Enabling those with spinal cord injuries and others with little or no hand function to use and switch between everyday objects such as utensils, brushes, cups, razors, toothbrushes, etc. Also offers other unique products help improve the quality of life for our customers.

Advantage Medical
The challenges facing rehabilitation professionals require new and innovative ways to better serve patients and drive business. That type of strategic thinking is exactly what Advantage Medical provides—whether it’s the most up-to-date rehab therapies, equipment or supplies; the newest concepts in patient services; or creative strategies for building business. Advantage Medical is your partner for improving outcomes and creating more success.

Age In Reverse
Offering re-arrangable cushion furniture that changes from a cube into inverted slants, arches, and other forms.

Air Neck Traction
Home neck traction device providing relief from neck pain by relieving pressure, stiffness, and stress in the neck, head, and shoulders.

Align-Right Pillows
Manufacturers and distributors of support pillow products.

Align-Right Pillows
Manufacturers and distributors of support pillow products.

All About Massagers
Shop online for massagers of all kneads. Carrying many brands and models of quality popular, economical and effective massage therapy units, chi machines & information.

Allsport Dynamics Inc.
Information and sales of ankle braces which provide both hot and cold therapy.

Alpha Medical Products, Inc.
Orthopedic supports and braces for knee back ankle elbow posture wrist and thumb. Numerous related medical products.

Alphasport - Sports Medicine Supplies
Alphasport specialise in physiotherapy, podiatry, chiropractic, pilates, and sports medicine products. With extensive product knowledge and resources we are well placed to assist your every need.

AlterG Incorporated
Manufacturers of anti-gravity treadmills for sports performance and medical care facilities. Provides athletic conditioning and rehabilitation for wide range of patients.

Ames Walker
Selling a variety of support and medical hosiery.

Anywhere Heat Pads
Reusable, Portable, Instant heat pads, heat therapy for backs, necks, and other body parts, other means of pain relief, baby bottle warmers. All instant heat pads come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Aquarius Backcare
Welcome to Aquarius BackCare. Our mission is to provide advice and equipment to our customers that will reduce or eliminate pain, injury or absenteeism resulting from bad home, vehicle or office ergonomics and unsound working practises.

Aquatic Exercise Equipment
The Aquatoner is a device used in water to develop strength,incrrease range of motion, and improve physical conditioning without joint stress. The Aquatoner has a measurable and widely adjustable resistive surface ranging from 96 to 250 for all degrees of exercise intensityn for all parts of the body. Three overlapping, stacked paddles on a central aperture with a central handle on one side and a comfortable appendage (foot,leg,arm,hand) attachment on the opposite side of the triple paddle system. Extreme versatility and a long, successful, clinical history make the Aquatoner a most effective choice for aquatic physical therapy equipment. The Aqua-Power Paddle, another product that we manufacture, is a fixed size of 300 of resistive surface with a handle and foot fastener used specifically for advanced aquatic strength training.

Art Riggs Bodywork
Art Riggs Bodywork / massage therapy books, videos, DVD, and manual products on myofascial release and massage deep tissue techniques for massage therapist continuing education

Art for Massage and Touch Therapists
Fingerprintz art posters and postcards help you deliver a positive message and set a relaxing environment with beautiful and inspiring images for your healing touch practice.

Astra-Lite Bodywork Equipment and Supplies Inc.
Astra-Lite home page.Patented,unique aluminum leg designed massage, bodywork and chiropractic tables. Push button adjustment legs. Starting at 19 pounds. Designed for Reiki, Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Zero Balancing and Chiropractic.

Aurora Massage Tables and Supplies
Introduction to Aurora Massage Tables and Supplies in New Zealand

AutoMotion Chairs
Seller of automatic-adjusting back support chair.

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