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Bill and Melinda Gates Children's Vaccine Program
Information about a global program to speed the introduction of new vaccines worldwide, along with resources relating to immunization programs, immunization financing, diseases and vaccines such as rotavirus, hepatitis B, Hib, and pneumococcus, and advocacy , training, and communication materials.

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Recept online
Swedish website with useful information about different medications and the possibility of medical consultation via internet. Recept online

Lagligt utan Recept
Read all about medicine on this Swedish website that is providing information on different legal treatments. Lagligt utan Recept

Action for Victims of Medical Accidents.
Registered charity giving free advice about complaining about healthcare or clinical negligence litigation in the UK.

American Institute for Preventive Medicine
Founded in 1983, the American Institute for Preventive Medicine is an award winning, internationally recognized authority on the development and implementation of health promotion, wellness, medical self-care, and disease management programs and publications.

Bill Westwood - Medical Illustrator
Board certified, professional medical artist with extensive medical training and award-winning creativity. Illustrating dramatic, anatomically accurate, visual depictions of the human body that clearly communicate complex scientific information to highly specific target audiences.

BioVisual Communications
Provides digital and traditional illustration services for professionals and companies engaged in the fields of health, medicine, science, and biotechnology.

Biomedical Engineering
Department of Hartford Hospital which support a range of biomedical technologies and customers for the hospital and its affiliates.

Illustrator of medical and biological subjects. Examples of fine art, equine, and biomedical illustration and animation are available.

Carlson, Gary
Contemporary medical and biotechnical illustration and animation for advertising and publishing.

Clark, Lisa
Offers custom and stock scientific and medical illustration.

ClinicalNotebook is an online medical media platform dedicated to helping leading physicians better inform the public through short video commentaries, a question/answer program and virtual visits.

Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Compare
Clinic Compare is a unique online match-making service designed to put people in touch with the most suitable clinic for their cosmetic surgery treatment needs.

CyberPT - Your Online Physical Therapy Resource is the first end-to-end comprehensive Internet physical therapy resource connecting consumers and healthcare professionals to the physical therapy community. Users can learn more about conditions & injuries treated by PT's, view free exercise video clips, learn about sports medicine, stay up to date on the latest PT and CyberPT news, ask a PT a question for any matter dealing with physical therapy, participate in a patient message board, find PT & health related products and find a PT provider.

Damone Illustration
Specializing in archaeological, paleontological, and faunal illustration.

Dank, Leonard
Medical illustrations and drawings for sports, fitness, health education, and medical books. Reproduction rights are available for a specific fee for a specific usage.

Discern Project
Tool for assessing the quality of health information found on the Internet. Designed for use by consumers and still under development by the University of Oxford.

Doctors of the World
What is Doctors of the World? Doctors of the World associations are independent international solidarity organisations. They promote effective access to health and to a decent life for all. To carry out their activities they rely on the commitment of their members, mainly health professionals

EMS Central for Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians
EMS central site includes resource for first responders, EMTs and Paramedics.

Equinox Graphics
Professional illustration and animation of the physical/biological sciences

Fairman Studios
Portfolio for Jennifer Fairman, specializing in traditional and digital media for medical and biomedical illustration, 2D animation, interactive media and web design.

Finkbeiner, Robert
Portfolion of editorial, surgical, anatomical, and scientific illustrations.

Foerster Studios
Gallery and portfolio of John Foerster; includes surgical, editorial and veterinary illustrations.

Gale Mueller Illustration
Accurate and artistic visual communication solutions for medical and scientific applications.

General Community
General community to use for discussions that don't fall into specific communities

Geras Healthcare Productions
Specialized in knowledge-based custom medical and conceptual illustration and animation.

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