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An Encouraging Word
skills: schooling, making, birthing, steading, cooking, discipleship, and hospitality. From a Christian perspective.

Apples of Gold Homeschool News
A bi-monthly newsletter with a Christian world view linking homeschoolers with a forum of support, activities, and words and to offer encouragement.

BabyChatter Ezine
Provides parenting, pregnancy, baby information, freebies and coupons.

Bob and Mandee's Safety Books
Robert Kahn, educator, parent and D.A.R.E. officer, has begun to publish a series of children's safety booklets for all ages.
Offering information about parenting and child development as well as fun games and resources for kids.

Capper's Magazine
Publication focusing on traditional American values and positive approach to the art of living.

Career Magazine for Teachers, Parents and Students
Offers tools to help students choose a career path and find out more about themselves.
Dedicated to helping parents find the information and support they need to best care for their children and themselves.
Provides statistical reports on the status of U.S. children and their families, including population, family characteristics, economic security, health, environment, education. From the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics.

Classical Homeschooling Magazine
Quarterly publication promoting education through the Socratic method, study of great books, poetry, logic, and liberal arts. Contains biographies, explores curricula and methodology.

Cobblestone Publishing
Offers educational magazines and links.

Family Digest Online
For black women juggling marriage, family, work and dreams. Goal is smarter, healthier and happier black families.

Family Edge
Family portal for kids, online and educational games, children's books, internet safety, homework help and parenting resources.

Family and Home Network
Supports and encourages mothers and fathers who choose to forgo or cut back on paid employment to be home with their children. Publisher of Welcome Home Magazine.

Provides caring adults with age-appropriate, fun, learning activities to do with children. Includes parenting articles and parent/child dialogues.

Grit Magazine
Family publication promoting qualities of courage and dedication to make a difference.

Offers inspiration with uplifting true stories, videos and practical advice on positive thinking, hope, faith and prayer.

Home School Digest
A national quarterly publication for Christian homeschoolers. Nearly 100 pages focusing on lifestyle issues, teaching tips, suggestions, and homeschool biographies.

Homeschool Fun Online Magazine
An e-zine focusing on lesson plans, educational support, beginning homeschooling, and creative ideas. Interactive typical days section, message boards, and classified ads.

Homeschooling Today
Bi-monthly print magazine from a Christian perspective. Liberal arts instruction, teaching aids, preschool activities, science corner, recent or headline news, and curriculum reviews.

How To Have Amazing Kids
A parenting book on raising kids to have character and respect.

Informed Parent
A monthly online magazine which addresses the areas of pediatrics, child-care, and issues relevant to today's parents.

Junior magazine, for parents of children aged 0-8 years

Keepers of the Children - Native American Wisdom and Parenting
Uses Native American spiritual ideas to show parents how to raise children who know their strengths and use them to create lives of meaning and contribution.

Learning Through History magazine
world history for the curious child.

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