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1st SPOT Fatherhood
On fatherhood, first time fathers, at home dads and single fathers. Lots of links to fathering sites.

A Developmental Analysis of a Vulnerable Population
Journal of Psychological Nursing: Joseph L. Price, Ph.D. and Kerry S. Pioske, RN, MS, ANP. January 01, 1994

A Guide for Positive Child Development - Guide pour le developpement
Growing Healthy Canadians: A Guide for Positive Child Development, was created to promote and illustrate a simple idea: that the healthy development of children and youth is a shared responsibility.

A Guide to the Parental Alienation Syndrome
Paper by Stan Hayward; discusses the situation in the United Kingdom.

The Mission of the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI)is to promote and support in the global community the optimal education and development of children, from birth through early adolescence, and to influence the professional growth of educators and the efforts of others who are committed to the needs of children in a changing society.

ACT Department of Education & Community Services - Child Health & Development
C H A D S is a free ACT Government multi-disciplinary, community health service. It provides specialised community-based programs for children and young people where there are concerns about their development. It aims to promote the well-being of children in the ACT through its services, and believes in: working in partnerships with families; working with others in the community to help children; identifying children's needs early; promoting children's health and development; providing a range of services to meet individual needs; consulting families and community members to help improve our service.

ADHD and Parenting
Very useful information for parenting children with ADHD and Learning Disabilities. Many topics including diagnosis, treatment, parenting strategies, recommended readings, social skills training, assistive technology.

AR - Northwest Arkansas Mothers of Multiples Club
Support for mothers of twins, triplets or higher order multiples in Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale, Fayetteville, and surrounding communities. Email:

Risk and Protective Factors in Children Adopted from the Former Soviet Union, Teena M. McGuinness, PhD, RN University of Pittsburgh, August, 1998

ASEM Resource Centre Child Welfare Initiative
The Asia-Europe Child Welfare Initiative Resource Centre is a joint initiative of the Philippines and the United Kingdom to promote international co-operation on child rights. This web site provides ready access to the law (criminal justice, child protection legislation.) operating in ASEM countries, Shares best practices in the implementation of policies and guidelines on child protection. It has a specific focus on the safety of children from sexual exploitation and prostitution in the European Union and Asia

AboutOurKids, the website of the NYU Child Study Center, provides scientifically-based child mental health and parenting information through a continually expanding store of practical and accessible articles based on the latest research in child psychiatry, psychology, and development. It's a reliable resource for both common challenges, such as toilet training, and more serious problems, such as depression.

Accident Insurance for Potty Training - PottyWorks
Potty Training information for today's parent and caregiver. Learn different methods of training, when to begin, how to communicate with your little one and how to avoid accidents - Accident Insurance TM for Potty Training! It's all about motivating your child in a fun, positive and loving way.

Active Parenting Program
Parenting style quiz, forums, bookstore, free newsletter and online and regional classes.

Active Parenting Program
Parenting style quiz, forums, bookstore, free newsletter and online and regional classes.

Active Parenting Publishers
Publisher of books and videos on parenting issues, some editions available in Spanish. Forum and e-newsletter.

Advice for Parenting
Blog providing valuable information and tips for parents and expecting parents.

Advocates for Children - Parent Resource Center
Advocates for Children provides support and information for parenting in a complex world through the Parent Resource Center.

Alabama Family Rights Association
Advocates equal legal rights and responsibilities for parents who divorce, shared parenting of children. Has contact information and meeting locations of chapters, goals, articles, news of current activities and links to child support, legislation, judiciary, divorce and shared parenting information.

All 4 Kids UK Family Directory
Parenting articles and links.

Amazing Babies
A book teaching parents how to establish a healthy habit of parent-baby interactions. Videos for babies and toddlers also listed.

American Family Advocacy Center
Supporting the sovereignty of the family over any government intervention.

An Analysis of Sixteen Selected Cases
This study analyzed sixteen cases which appeared to meet Dr. Richard Gardner's criteria for parental alienation syndrome as set forth in his 1987 book. These cases showed a wide diversity of characteristics but Gardner's criteria were useful in differentiating these cases from other post-divorce difficulties. Traditional interventions were ineffective in altering the alienation. January 01, 1994

An Online Community for All Parents
An online community for all parents and those ttc. Come and join in with the chat, get or give advice and make new friends. Regular competitions.

And Baby Makes Two
Candid documentary covering single women pursuing motherhood without participation of a father figure.

Anything About Kids
Provides information and links on topics dealing with all stages of childhood from pregnancy through teen.

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