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Healthlinks.net Logo Placement

Placing a logo next to your listing is an attention getter in that it is the first thing to catch a visitors eye. It is an inexpensive way to position your listing as entries with logos will appear at the top of the selected category - subcategory in alphabetical order. You can see an example on the following pages, Employment  and  Education 

Healthlinks.net is the largest "Free" Healthcare Specific Portal - Directory service on the Internet. Statistics include over 1,600,000 plus page views a month and new  listing additions added at the rate of 1% plus per month. To help drive growth, Healthlinks also has in place marketing programs that are designed to attract new visitors to our site making us the largest healthcare specific site and directory on the Internet.

Some of the Companies that have chosen to advertise with Healthlinks

Why You should place a logo next to your Listing: In analyzing traffic to the Healthlinks.net directory, it quickly becomes very clear that listings with logos placed at the top of a category - subcategory page, receive much higher visibility and pass-through traffic than those without logos positioned alphabetically.

The placement of your listing in the Healthlinks.net directory can make a substantial difference in the number of referral visitors to your site. Combining location with an eye catching visual logo dramatically increases the opportunity for visitors to immediately see your listing and provides the potential to increase revenue opportunities for your organization.

Prices for static logos, (no animation) are US $45.00 for one year. Multiple listings are allowed and each additional logo placement can be purchased at a 10% discount. (you will be automatically re-billed on an annual basis).
Prices for animated logos, US $85.00 for one year. Multiple listings are allowed and each additional logo placement can be purchased at a 25% discount. (includes 35 keywords, you will be automatically re-billed on an annual basis).

If you do not have a logo, for an additional fee we can create one for you using a photograph, an existing graphic or a new design.

For additional information, please contact: Healthlinks.net Sales .  Payment can be accepted through PayPal (above), check or money order for US funds, made out to Healthlinks.Net Ltd. Payment must be received before a logo appears on line.




Logo specifications cannot exceed 200 pixels wide or 80 pixels tall. Logos may be either jpg or gif format.

Any animation may run for only 7 seconds and then stop, or may continue to run only if there is a 2 second pause between cycles.

Send your logo as an email attachment to: postmaster(at)healthlinks.net  

Healthlinks.net reserves the right to refuse any advertising or logo that it feels is inappropriate for our audience of healthcare consumers and professionals.
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