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The Healthlinks website is a free World-Wide Directory - Portal Service for healthcare professionals and consumers. Our main focus is to assist in the task of locating medical and healthcare information, products, resources, services and practitioners on the World-Wide-Web. We also provide a series of forums for healthcare discussions and the largest listing of Doctors, Dentists and Hospitals on the Internet.

Tightly Targeted; Highly Qualified: At the heart of Healthlinks is our searchable directory, The directory consists of thousands of healthcare categories containing thousands of listings and continues to grow as new categories are added. Each listing has been individually screened and determined to be of direct interest to visitors.

Healthlinks content listings grows on a daily basis and every link is unique eliminating duplications found at many other search sites. This is where both professionals and consumers in a hurry come to save time, and that means a much higher percentage of targeted healthcare visitors will see your listing. 

Healthlinks Statistics: Healthlinks receives between one to two million page views per month with 2015 YTD totals exceeding 18,000,000 page views. 

Why a Featured Site Placement?

A featured site box appears at the top of a category page and contains both a listing and/or a logo. It will appear on every page of the category. The featured site box is the very first thing to catch a visitor's eye when the page is displayed.  A properly crafted message will generate considerably more traffic than a standard listing or listing with logo. Only one featured site box is displayed within a subcategory and appears on every page of the category. Additionally placement logos will also include a listing on the Featured Site Page. The purchase of a featured site also includes 50 keywords and a guarantee that your site will be at or near the top on searches. Costs for featured sites:

  • Text Listing on Home Page $100/month (minimum 6 months) (limited to 12 ads each side)
  • Directory Listing, no logo $150.00/month (minimum 6 months)
  • Directory Listing with logo $175.00/month (minimum 6 months)
  • Purchasing a Featured Site Placement: To purchase ads on the web site, contact: Healthlinks Sales or call (702) 331-0280.  Payment can be accepted by check for US funds, made out to Healthlinks.Net Ltd. or PayPal. Payment must be received before your featured site appears on line.

    Healthlinks reserves the right to refuse any advertising that it feels is inappropriate for our audience of healthcare consumers and professionals.

    Inquire about the Healthlinks special advertising package which includes banner space, a featured site placement, logos and a Healthlinks search box on your site. For additional information contact the Healthlinks Sales Department

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