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Healthlinks FAQs
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Getting The Most From Healthlinks

Q What is the Healthlinks directory?
A. The Healthlinks directory is a database of over 548,000 unique healthcare related websites growing at the rate of 100 to 300 new entries a day. The database is broken into over 48 categories with thousands of subcategories and provides resources for both the healthcare consumer and the professional. 
Q How is the directory structured?
A. Because of the number of listings in the Healthlinks directory we use a top-down hierarchical structure. An example would be our Medical Category, the top level Medical contains several subdirectories such as Providers, Resources, etc. Within Providers we have additional subdirectories such as Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. Additionally, many of our categories are also segmented into geographic regions.
Q. What is the "Refine by Location" all about?
A. Using the "refine by Location" box allows you to select listings by specific geographic locations. A good example would be within our Dental Listings. If you are looking for a family dentist in San Francisco, you would go to the subcategory Practices:Family:United States and select California in the Refine by Location box. This would return listings alphabetically by city for family dentists in California.
Q. What is Healthlinks
A. Healthlinks consists of and and provides the largest healthcare specific searchable directory on the Internet as well as an outstanding forums area.
Q. Using the Search box?
A. The Healthlinks search box can be used from virtually every page on the site. Simply enter your search term(s), press the search button and all listings containing your term(s) or, as keywords will be displayed. "Search help" can provide you with assistance in using the search function. Additionally to further refine your search, you can qualify the search by location using the Refine by Location option located on each page. 
Q. What is the purpose of the Forums - Message Boards?
A. The Forums - Message Board - blog area is a free service of Healthlinks. It may be used to establish a dialog with others interested in subjects related to healthcare. It is also an excellent place to discuss treatments, have questions answered or solicit new ideas. All visitors are free to browse however you will need to register in order to post a topic or respond to one already posted.
Q. Can I add my healthcare related website to the directory?
A. We very actively encourage new entries and spend a great deal of time searching for new sites. Please go to our Get Listed page and follow the directions.
Q. How can I contact Healthlinks management?
A Healthlinks management can be reached at postmaster


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