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Stress Management The importance of Relaxation

by Simon Hill.

Our lives are full of stresses and pressures, some we create ourselves, others we cannot control. Coping with the stresses of modern life is an essential skill and there are many techniques available to us, techniques with a long history. Within the pages of this site you will find courses and information on many of these techniques from massage to meditation, take time to explore them and you will learn much.

Meditation and Relaxation aims to bring calm to the mind, to allow our thoughts to settle, to allow us to focus and to simply 'be'. To practice meditation is to break away from worrying about time, about schedules, simply to let go and experience ourselves.

At its simplest Meditation can simply be allowing the mind to become more peaceful, calm and focused. Meditation is a process of letting go, of simply allowing your mind and body to be still. To worry about results and progress in meditation is counter productive, it can produce stress and strains making the process much harder.

There are many methods of meditation including focusing the mind on an object, such as a flower, a candle, a sound or word, or the breath. This focus on an object brings the mind to the stage where other thoughts and feelings are stilled Over time, the number of random thoughts diminishes. More importantly, your attachment to these thoughts, and your identification with them, progressively become less.

Failure to experience silence, peace of mind, mental clarity, is not in itself a sign of failure lack of concentration. Whether one experiences peace is not what is important. What is generally considered important in meditation is that one is regular with their meditation -every day. With time it will become easier to still the mind and the rewards will increase.

Meditation and relaxation methods are included in many of the courses we offer including, Stress Management, Massage, Reflexology and Yoga Teaching We hope to be expanding this area of the site to include some meditation and relaxation techniques.


"Simon Hill is a professional web developer specializing in the design of interactive information. Simon is responsible for the design, construction, maintenance and Development of the Kevala Centre Online including editing many of the articles we produce on Holistic health. Simon has studied Theology and meditation techniques for many years an interest which serves him well working in the Internet Industry where managing stress is a valuable skill." The Kevala Centre promotes holistic health and can be accessed at

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