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SMTP and POP Addresses

“Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and Post Office Protocol (POP)” are a set of software rules that are used to manage email. All browser and email programs use these protocols. Your ISP will normally have two servers setup to handle incoming and outgoing mail using these protocols. SMTP handles outgoing mail and POP takes care of the incoming mail.

In order send and receive email, the email program(s) on your computer must be configured to talk to the ISP mail servers. This can usually be configured in most browser and email programs within the options menu. To configure the program you will need to provide the SMTP and POP addresses of your ISP. If you don't already know the addresses, you can go to your ISP's website and look on the help page.

Several email programs such as Microsoft Outlook Express let you access multiple email boxes. You must specify in the options menu, the SMTP and POP addresses for each account you want to setup.

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