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Life on the Seminar Circuit

-Stan Gelber

I am often asked what it feels like to get up in front of several hundred people and present a seminar so I thought I would share with you what a typical day is like along with a peek at the logistics required to put the “show” together.

Typically I present two to three seminars a week during a 26-week period, at different locations around North America. This normally requires that I “hit the road” on a Tuesday for seminars Wednesday through Friday. Most of my seminars are conducted in hotel ballrooms so it is important that I arrive early enough (the night before) to check out the facility, meet with the audio-visual providers and get organized. I might also add that this is a one-person show so from the moment I leave my home, I am busy to the extreme.

For me, speaking to large groups is not much different from the smaller classes I conduct at companies all over the world. The major difference is that once I begin to speak, I am on-stage for the entire day either speaking to my audience or answering questions during breaks. The programs I present are so intensive in regards to the amount of information that needs to be covered, I really don't have time for stage fright. In fact I often walk around the ballroom to chat with people as it provides a connection for me to the audience.

At 4:00 p.m., I still have another four to six hours to go before I can relax as I have to pack up my computer, box up the left over materials from the seminar, and hurry to the airport to get to my next location. Getting to the airport and flying to my next destination is usually quite stressful as I am normally fighting rush-hour traffic, crowded airports, and delayed flights to get to the next location and do it all over again.

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