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Internet Hoaxes

-Stan Gelber

Like many of you, I rely on email to stay in touch with business associates and friends. It is also my preferred means of responding to questions or comments about However, along with all of this useful communication, e-mail is also the conduit for a certain amount of garbage and downright malicious mischief.

My dislike of spam (junk email) has already been expressed and spreading viruses in e-mail attachments is completely disgusting. A lesser known form of e-mail vandalism is the Internet hoax. These fall into two categories: virus hoaxes and fake promotions.

You may already have received a dire warning about the “Free For All” or “Join the Crew” virus, along with an urgent appeal to “forward this warning to everyone you know.” The viruses don't exist but damage is still being done. The time and bandwidth wasted by well-meaning people forwarding these stealth chain-letters is further slowing down an Internet already known as the “world wide wait.”

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