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Web Words: This month it's Graphics Boards

Stan Gelber

Every desktop or laptop computer regardless of manufacturer requires a graphics chip or circuit board to display images on your LCD or monitor. Most computer manufacturers purchase the chips or boards from third-party manufacturers such as Diamond, STB, ATI, Matrox or a dozen other companies and incorporate them into the systems they make.

In addition, software is also required to interface the computer to the graphics hardware and this software is referred to as the "Graphics Driver". (See "Drivers" in our Archive).

If you want to maximize your display, make sure you have the latest drivers installed and properly configured. To obtain the latest drivers, find out who manufacturered your graphics board and then pay a visit to their web site. They will usually have the latest drivers available for download in their support area.

If you are using Windows, you can determine who manufactured your graphics board by looking in the Control Panel and clicking on the "Display" icon. The installed driver version number will be displayed along with additional information about the boards graphics capability. Here you will also find controls to set the number of colors and the screen size.

Once you have determined the above, follow the instructions contained in the downloaded file to install the new drivers. Be sure and double check the values in the "Display" panel after installation to insure they are set to your preferences.

Stan Gelber

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