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Beware of a Fraud Request for verification from either EBAY or PayPal

Over the past couple of weeks I have received fraudulent email requests that appeared to come from both PayPal and EBay asking me to verify my account information as part of an audit procedure. Both of these requests pointed me to web page that looked convincingly like they came from a correct source. After reviewing the information requested I became suspicious as the amount of information being requested (social security number, drivers license number, credit card number, mothers maiden name, address, wife's name, telephone number, etc). I know that both EBay and PayPal do not engage in requesting this type of information. 

Upon further examination, I determined that the web page I had been directed to came from an ISP in Taiwan and not from EBay or PayPal. I repeat, "it is not the policy of either EBay or PayPal to request verification of your account with them". Below you will see a copy of the email I received.

Please verify your information today!
Dear Paypal Member.

Your account has been randomly flagged in our system as a part of our routine security measures. This is a must to ensure that only you have access and use of your paypal account and to ensure a safe Paypal experience.                                       

We require all flagged accounts to verify their information on file with us.To verify your information, click here and enter the details requested.  

After you verify your information, your account shall be returned to  good standing  and you will continue to have full use of your account.

Thank you for using PayPal!


How can you tell if this is a legitimate request or a scam? The first thing to look at is the URL, in the above case it shows a re-direction ""   The @ is the URL you are being directed to, not the address. 

Below is a copy of the actual page that the link takes you to, please note the URL is a number rather than the usual address.


As a final note, most of the links on the pages above are legitimate and will in fact take you to PayPal pages when clicked. Obviously if you were to fill out the request and submit it thinking you were actually communicating with PayPal, it would be a matter of hours before your information would be sold or your credit be ruined.

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