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Managing Your Bookmarks!

­Stan Gelber

I often find I have bookmarks or favorite places cluttering up my bookmark file that I no longer access but do not want to get rid of. Two immediate solutions come to mind to address that issue however before we get into that, lets discuss bookmark maintenance.

In the Netscape Navigator Program under the bookmark pulldown, you will find the entry "Go to Bookmarks". Clicking on this entry will open the bookmark program. Notice that the menu bar has three entries, Files, Edit, and Item.

In the files pulldown, the only entry of importance is the "open" statement. This allows you to load an alternate bookmark file in place of the default "Bookmark.htm" file. I use this feature to isolate my bookmarks based on how I use them. For example I have one bookmark file for my seminars and another for my personal references.

In the "Edit" pulldown, about the only option I use is the "Delete" function. To delete a bookmark, first highlight the one you want to delete and then either push the right mouse button and click on delete, or go to the "Edit" pulldown and click on delete. The highlighted bookmark will be deleted!

I use the "Item" pulldown more than the others because this enables me to organize my bookmarks, create folders, and sort them into order. Using this feature, I have created folders for different categories which only display the category headers rather than all the bookmarks. This keeps the clutter to a minimum and also allows me to go directly to the specific references I need.

In order to manage your bookmark file, I suggest you create folders for each major category: Healthcare; Software; Hardware; Fun Stuff; Interesting Stuff; and Checkout. As an alternative, create a second bookmark file and load it using the open command in the bookmark program, or load it by typing its file name into the Net Address Bar of your browser.

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