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Healthlink's is the largest complementary World-Wide Directory - Portal Service for healthcare professionals and consumers on the Internet. Our main focus is to assist in the task of locating medical and healthcare information, products, resources, services and practitioners on the World-Wide-Web. We also provide a series of forums for healthcare discussions and the largest listing of doctors, dentists and hospitals on the Internet.

What is Healthlinks?

Healthlink's (Net and Com) is an Internet site that provides the energy, cutting-edge information and networking knowledge of a group of volunteer healthcare, Internet and computer experts to bring you healthcare sites on the World-Wide Web. The core of Healthlink's is the largest healthcare specific searchable database on the Internet with over 525,000 links and growing larger each month.

Our vision for Healthlinks is one where this site will be your starting point for locating healthcare resources. We pride ourselves that:

  1. Every link in our directory has been visited and reviewed for content, professionalism and validity, you will find very few non-healthcare links in our directory. .
  2. 99% of our links are unique resulting in searches that eliminate redundancies, not hundreds of duplicate listings.
  3. We actively scan our directory on a weekly basis to remove dead and invalid listings.

With Healthlinks, we have created an electronic community where you can use our free on-line discussions - forum area that allows you to post your questions and comments for others to respond to at a later time. Finally, we have associations with CenterWatch where you will find extensive information on cancer based clinical trials, Highbeam, a very comprehensive library reference site and Trade Publications for free healthcare industry publications.

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Our Focus and Expertise

Our focus is on making the Internet a practical tool for research and collaboration within the healthcare community as well as a reference point for consumers seeking medical and healthcare information. Toward this end, the technical expertise of your hosts is balanced with the healthcare experience of our advisors who upon request, review the web sites in the Healthlinks directory to ensure their credibility. The volunteer staff at Healthlinks are on the Internet every day looking for new resources that bring real value to healthcare consumers and professionals. We also encourage healthcare providers to place a link into our database. Look for our emblem on sites that have been visited and reviewed by our staff.


Our Mission To create a virtual community for health care consumers and professionals that provides a number of ways for the exchange of ideas and opinions with others; and facilitating easy access to information of value while creating shelter from Internet hype and complexity.

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