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Tylenol Overdose Can Be Deadly for a Child - MedicineNet
Overdoses of the pain and fever drug acetaminophen brand name Tylenol are a leading cause of acute liver failure in children, and more public education is needed to warn parents and others of this danger, experts say.

21-Hydroxylase Antibodies: Reference Range, Interpretation, Collection and Panel
21-Hydroxylase antibodies are markers of autoimmune Addison disease, which may manifest alone or as part of type I or type II polyglandular autoimmune syndrome. The reference range of 21-hydroxylase antibodies for all ages and both sexes is less than 1 U/mL.

Creatinine: Reference Range, Interpretation, Collection and Panels
Creatinine is critically important in assessing renal function because it has several interesting properties. In blood, it is a marker of glomerular filtration rate; in urine, it can remove the need for 24-hour collections for many analytes or be used as a quality assurance tool to assess the accuracy of a 24-hour collection.

Rate MONISTAT 7 COMBINATION PACK Average Rating: 3.5

Hypnosis Downloads
Self Hypnosis Downloads, Hypnotherapy Scripts and Resources

U.S. Teen Driving Deaths Up: Report - MedicineNet
The number of American teens who lost their lives in car accidents jumped 11 percent in the first half of 2011, the first increase in eight years, a new report finds.

Inner Thigh Pain Dr Niraj Vora
There are different body conditions that can cause pain in the inner thigh.

Rate MOVANTIK Average Rating: 5.0

Rate DESOXYN Average Rating: 4.2

Teens, ATVs a Dangerous Combo - MedicineNet
A new study from Iowa found that three-quarters of teens in that state have driven an all-terrain vehicle ATV, and more than half of them have been in accidents while riding one.

Genital Human Papillomavirus: Reference Range, Interpretation, Collection and Pa
Human papillomavirus HPV is a nonenveloped double-stranded DNA virus and member of the Papovaviridae family. HPV has a predilection for differentiating squamous epithelium, where it infects and transforms host cells.

Social Skills a Casualty of Childhood Head Injury, Study Suggests - MedicineNet
Serious head injuries may be linked to children's lack of ability to interact with others, a new study indicates.

What Is the Alternative Vaccine Schedule?
What is the alternative vaccination schedule for children? Learn about the differences between the regular vaccine schedule and Dr. Robert Sears' alternate immunization schedule for children.

Gentamicin Level: Reference Range, Collection and Panels, Background
Gentamicin is an antibiotic administered to treat severe blood infections caused by gram-negative bacilli. Table 1.

Study: Self-Injury Common in Grade School - MedicineNet
Self-injury is a common emotional disorder among teens and young adults, and now new research confirms that young children also injure themselves on purpose.

Toddlers With Angry Parents May Have More Temper Tantrums - MedicineNet
Toddlers are more likely to become easily upset and act out if their parents anger quickly and overreact to their children's behavior, according to a new study.

Child Obesity
In a Bit More Than a Decade, the Number of Overweight Children Has Doubled in Many Racial Groups

Teen Smoking Down, E-Cigarette Use Up
It may seem like eye-rolling teens never listen, but a new U.S. government report finds many kids are getting some health messages loud and clear.

Without Laws, Many Tanning Salons Would Allow Kids: Study - MedicineNet
More than 40 percent of indoor tanning facilities doing business in Missouri -- a state where the practice is unregulated -- say that tanning is totally risk-free, a new survey reveals, with the vast majority indicating that their doors are wide open to children as young as 10.

Urine Osmolality: Reference Range, Interpretation, Collection and Panels
Urine osmolality is used to measure the number of dissolved particles per unit of water in the urine. As a measure of urine concentration, it is more accurate than specific gravity.

Sucrose Hemolysis: Reference Range, Interpretation, Collection and Panels
The reference range of hemolysis on sucrose hemolysis testing screening and confirmatory tests is listed below. Sucrose hemolysis test screening No hemolysis visible - Negative result Hemolysis present - Positive result Sucrose hemolysis test confirmatory Hemolysis findings in supernate are as follows: < 5% - Inconsequential or negat...

Hemoglobin A1c Testing: Reference Interval, Interpretation, Background
The reference range for healthy adults is 4.85.

Tricycle Accidents Send More Than 9,000 Tots to ER a Year: Study - MedicineNet
The lowly tricycle can be a dangerous ride, sending more than 9,300 children to U.S. emergency rooms each year, a new study finds.

When to Call the Pediatrician About Tantrums - MedicineNet
While tantrums are a common way for children to express anger and frustration, some tantrums are serious enough that they should prompt a doctor's intervention.

Teen Gambling
As Games of Chance Become More Mainstream, So Does Addiction.

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