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Animal Physio UK
Andraya Hiscock is based in Cheshire, UK and offers veterinary physiotherapy and hydrotherapy for horses, dogs, cats and other animals with neurological and musculo-skeletal problems.

Animal Wellness Connection
Lorna Boydston is a certified small animal massage practitioner providing canine massage therapy in the Eastern Washington and northern Idaho areas. Includes details of her qualifications and experience, the services offered and FAQ.

Annisage: Positive Touch for Animals
Maria Duthie, licensed massage therapist, does massage therapy, acupressure, craniosacral therapy and Reiki on dogs, cats and horses.

Aquadog Canine Swim Therapy
Registered Vet Technician provides canine swim therapy to assist the veterinary community in the treatment or rehab of their patients. Improves musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia and degenerative joint disease. [San Francisco]

Buddha Dog Animal Massage
Pam Holt is a registered vet tech and certified animal massage therapist and provides small animal therapy in Los Angeles, California, USA.

CET Equine Spa
Information on low temperature equine hydrotherapy, and product.

Canine Hydrotherapy Association
Provides information on the benefits of hydrotherapy for dogs, a list of pools, FAQ, information for veterinarians and a members’ area.[UK]

Canine Kneads Animal Massage
Courtney Collins-Horn is a certified small animal massage practitioner in Gallatin County, Montana, USA. He describes the benefits of massage and provides details of the services he offers.

Cherrytree Canine Hydrotherapy Centre
Offers hydrotherapy for the rehabilitation and fitness of dogs. Includes details of the benefits, facilities and pricing. Eastchurch, Kent, United Kingdom.

Circle of Healing Purrs
Forum for prayers and healing energies especially for cats.

Companion Animal & Touch Therapies
W. Bruce Bregenzer provides details of his practice with testimonials, photographs, and client information. Beach Park, Illinois, United States.

Doggone Day Spaw
Vonni Goetting is a licensed small animal massage practitioner and offers canine water therapy and massage, with pools in Woodinville and Sammamish, Washington, USA.

Energy Medicine LLC
Dr. Paula J. Wilson offers integrative energy medicine, naturopathy, radionic broadcasting and distance healing. Also offers a handheld electronic homeothapy device for sale.

From Head to Tail Canine Massage and Reiki
Specializing in disabled, senior and special-needs dogs, Laurie Austin, Certified Small Animal Massage Practitioner, offers the benefits of massage to dogs in the comfort of their home. Based in Portland, Oregon, United States.

Rehabilitation and hydrotherapy referral centre. Offers a range of services including physiotherapy, functional rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and short or long term inpatient care for dogs and cats. Also offers CPD and training courses in hydrotherapy, massage, water treadmill and first aid. [Surrey, UK]

Happy Hounds Massage
Offers a range of professional canine massage services including recovery and rehabilitation, performance and maintenance, special needs and seniors. San Francisco, California, United States.

Harmony Animal Massage
Offers holistic complementary integrated healthcare, including dog massage, Reiki and T-Touch for pets in Vancouver, Canada.

Hazel Corner Hydrotherapy Centre
Information on the pool, article on the benefits of hydrotherapy both before and after surgery and some questions and answers. [Luton, UK]

Heal Animal Massage Therapy
Rubi Sullivan practices in Portland, Oregon, USA. She includes details of her qualifications and how animals benefit from therapy.

Healing Hands Canine Massage
Offering canine massage, acupressure, Tui-Na and Reiki. Benefits older, debilitated dogs, dogs recovering from injury or surgery, and performance dogs. Contains photos, testimonials and contact details. San Diego, California, United States.

Healing Touch for Animals and Komitor Healing Method
Energy-based healing method that bridges holistic animal healthcare with traditional veterinary medicine. For all animals: horses, dogs, cats, birds, exotic animals. Workshops, books, and products.

Healing for Animals
Almine is a Toltec Nagual, mystic, healer and teacher. She describes therapies using light and frequency, usable by anyone who loves animals.

ProVet healthcare information article on the benefits of hydrotherapy for pets.

IP Touch
IP Touch training manual for pet owners written by Amy Herzlich, who specializes in training owners in animal care. Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

Integrated Animal Therapies
Information and insights into the types and uses of animal massage, acupressure, myofascial release and craniosacral work as complementary therapies for a variety of ailments and injuries. Virginia, United States.

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