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ANZBA - Australia and New Zealand Burns Association
The Australian and New Zealand Burn Association was formed in 1976 and later incorporated in 1991. The principal aim of the association is to enocurage higher standards of burn injury prevention and burn care through research and education

About Being Normal
Personal account of a burn victim, his recovery, and rehabilitation.

About Being Normal
Explores and recounts what it is like to live with burns for 30 out of 40 years.

2010 is a year of celebration for AboutFace! For 25 years, we have aided individuals with a facial disfigurement to experience personal enrichment and growth. Founded in 1985, AboutFace has since grown to be a widely respected organization serving affected individuals at every life stage.

Acid Burn Survivors Support Group - Cambodia
Acid attacks are a particularly vicious form of violence that is prevalent throughout the world. With the primary aim of disfiguring the victims, the acid attack leaves the victims with permanent visible physical injuries and serious psychological trauma.

Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF)
Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF) has been working on acid violence issues since 1999. The ultimate goal of the organization is to eliminate acid violence from Bangladesh. However, at present there is an acid attack every two days. Victims of acid violence need physical reconstruction, support for reintegration into mainstream society and legal assistance. Therefore, ASF ensures the best possible medical, legal and social reintegration support to the acid survivors.

Acid Survivors Trust International
Acid violence is the deliberate use of acid to attack another human being. The victims of acid violence are overwhelmingly women and children, and attackers often target the head and face in order to maim, disfigure and blind.

Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation
Nonprofit organization dedicated to burn prevention and survivor assistance.

Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation - Welcome
All services and programs are offered entirely free to burn survivors with need.

American Burn Association
The American Burn Association and its members dedicate their efforts and resources to promoting and supporting burn-related research, education, care, rehabilitation, and prevention.

American Burn Association
Promotes burn-related research, education, care, rehabilitation, and prevention. Includes articles, meeting information, publications, and links.

André Scheers Huis - v.z.w. vriendenkring van brandwondenpati�nten van het UZ
Welkom op de website van "Vzw Vriendenkring van brandwondenpatënten van het UZ Gent"
Op onze site vindt u informatie over de werking van de vzw en van het André Scheershuis.
Wij informeren en rapporteren u over al onze activiteiten, dit aan de hand van een kort verslag en / of een fotoreportage.

Assessing a Burn
Assessing a burn is very important. The full scope of the burn is diagnosed 24 hours after the injury.

Association des Grands Brûlés F.L.A.M.
La raison d’être de l’Association est d’offrir de l’aide aux personnes atteintes de brûlures ainsi qu’à leurs proches. Par son existence, elle crée un système d’entraide unissant les grands brûlés. F.L.A.M. s’est donné comme mission d’assurer un support moral aux victimes de brûlures.

BBA: The British Burn Association
The BBA is a non-profit making organisation whose membership is made up of those people interested in taking forward the Aims of the Association which are burn prevention, and the propagation of knowledge on the best treatment and rehabilitation following a burn injury.

BC Professional Fire Fighters' Burn Fund
Dedicated to burn prevention, burn survivor support, and recovery programs in B.C.

BurNet Project - Mediterranean Burn Centres Network - Eumedis Programme Initiati
The project deals with burns. It aims to interconnect the Mediterranean Burns Centres (B.C.) through an information network both to standardize courses of action in the field of prevention, treatment and functional and psychological rehabilitation of burn patients and to co-ordinate interactions between B.C.s and emergency rooms in peripheral hospitals using training/information activities to optimize first aid provided to burn patients before referral to a B.C.

Burn Children Recovery Foundation
Supports child burn victims, runs a camp for burn survivors, and teaches children about fire prevention.

Burn Foundation Home, Augusta GA, Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation
The Southeastern Firefighters' Burn Foundation, Inc. provides compassionate assistance to the families of patients being treated at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center, Augusta, Georgia. We help meet the needs of the family while in Augusta and assist the patient with non-medical expenses related to follow-up care.

Burn Fund - BC Professional Fire Fighters Association Burn Fund
A registered charity established in 1978 by the BC Professional Fire Fighters Association, the Burn Fund provides life saving, life supporting, and life enriching services to the people in British Columbia.

Burn Fund - BC Professional Fire Fighters Association Burn Fund - Adult Burn Sur
More than 3,700 professional fire fighters from fifty communities in British Columbia and the Yukon are building the Burn Fund's vision. They dedicate their time and skills to support burn survivors and increase the public's knowledge about fire and burn safety issues through the work the Burn Fund does with its Burn Awareness, Research and Prevention Programs.

Burn Institute
The Burn Institute is a non-profit health agency dedicated to reducing burn injuries and deaths through fire and burn prevention education, burn survivor support programs and the funding of burn care research and treatment.

Burn Recovery Center
Describes burn treatment therapies including skin grafts and reconstructive surgery. Information on burn centers and resources for long-term treatment and care.

Burn Resource Centre Inc
Burn care resources for the public, the professional, the survivor and their families and friends.

Burn Support Groups Database (BSGD)
This updated website is a tribute to every Burn Survivor, individual and organisation alike, who crossed my path ever since 1992 and whom contributed in one way or another to it

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