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Association of Independent Retirees
The peak body representing the views of fully and partly self-funded retirees in Australia. Events, membership, board, divisions and branches, superannuation information, and member services.

Association of Raytheon Retirees, Inc.
Includes a members list, goals of the association and current projects. Online membership application available.

CIBC Retirees
Independent, nonprofit and nonpartisan online membership community for retirees and former employees of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Member sections on health, social club and community involvement.

Facing Loneliness When You are Older
Tips on how to promote emotional well-being after retirement.

Florida Circle of the 1818 Society
Local chapter of former World Bank staff. Includes a schedule of meetings and reunions.
Information for making the most of life over 50 and especially planning and enjoying retirement for those in the United Kingdom. Topics range from health and travel to planning a wedding anniversary and taking up new hobbies.

Local 801 Retirees
Dayton, Ohio, organization for retired GM, Delphi workers of Frigidaire, Delco Air, Harrison Radiator, Delphi Harrison, and Delphi Thermal. Club and member news, obituaries, announcements and updates.

National Association of Retired Federal Employees NARFE
Organization dedicated to protecting and improving the retirement benefits of U.S. federal retirees, employees and their families. Includes legislative updates.

National Association of Retired Firefighters
NARF covers Great Britain and Northern Ireland to fight for conditions of former firefighters and fire service widows.

National Association of Retired Police Officers
NARPO is a UK-based, rank-free association of retired police officers dedicated to improving benefits for all members.

New Brunswick Society of Retired Teachers NBSRT
Offers advocacy, co-operation and socialization. Includes information for members, details of branch activities, and resources on issues including pension, group health insurance and senior benefits.

Occupational Pensioners Alliance OPA
Umbrella organization created to campaign for improvements in current UK legislation affecting pensions. Includes a meeting schedule, newsletters and reports.

Explores personal and social lifestyle solutions to retirement to assist people or businesses. Includes a newsletter, book reviews, and think pieces.

Retire in South-East Asia
Information and independent opinion for those interested in retiring in an inexpensive tropical location like Thailand, Indonesia or Lao.

Advocates pro-growth and choice-based solutions to US retirement security challenges, including individually-controlled retirement accounts, free-market Medicare, medical savings accounts, and lower taxes.

Retired State Employees Association of Illinois
RSEA is an independent, all-volunteer organization composed of retired and current State employees working together for the benefit of Illinois retirees.

Retirees of the Office of Inspector General - Investigations U.S.D.A.
ROIGI focuses on retired special agents, former special agents and other retirees of OIG-I, USDA. Includes forums and pictures.

Retirement Gift Shop
Retirement gifts including traditional, gag and specialty gifts.

Retirement Living Information Center
Information on retirement communities, senior housing, state taxes, assistive technology equipment, plus retirement news, links to resources, and a senior bookstore.

Retirement Party Supplies
Features party ideas, decorations, gag gifts, plaques, poems and tableware.

Retirement Talk for Boomers, Seniors, and Retirees
A podcast intended to encourage an examination of life, and including a look at those who have made choices, and are happy with the results.

Retirement with a Purpose
Covers hobbies, volunteer ideas with a spiritual focus, travel opportunities, jokes, age-related articles, advice for grandparents, Christian chat rooms and online ministries.

SPRY Foundation
Setting Priority for Retirement Years is a non-profit research and education organization helping people prepare for successful aging. Offers downloadable publications.

Savannah River Site Retirees Association SRSRA
Organized to protect the benefits of retirees from US DOE facility in South Carolina. Includes information about pensions, health benefits, and issues.
Natuional United States database of senior living options, information on choosing a community, financial and estate planning.

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