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A Brighter Tomorrow
A teacher in San Francisco offers books and counselling services, with background, fees and testimonials.

A Free and Effective Online Counseling Site
Free Online Counseling for Depression, Anxiety, Relationship and More

A Therapist Can Help - Call a Therapist
Online, phone and email therapist with expert, licensed professionals. Affordable fees, available 24/7, compassionate care. Help is just a click away.

A.C.P.A. Inc.
A source of online counseling for families and individuals and utilizes Life Innovations techniques.

ABCs of Internet Therapy Guide: consumer review of online counseling cybertherap
Talk to a psychotherapist for private counseling over the Internet. Independent consumer guide to 150+ online psychotherapists and counselors. Compare, check credentials, fees, services, issues, risks, benefits, news, interviews, survey.

AI-Therapy: The online social anxiety treatment
An online treatment program that uses CBT to target social anxiety, from Dr Fjola Dogg Helgadottir and Dr. Ross G. Menzies.

About Feelings
Provides counselling services and medical hypnosis, both online and in Wenatchee, Washington, USA. Includes fee schedules and staff details.

About You@The StressGroup
Self-help information for anxiety, depression, anger, panic, stress, substance abuse, self-esteem, relationships, and more. Includes straightforward and easy-to-read info and articles on counseling, self-help, therapy methods, psychotherapists. Thorough discussions on depression drugs, anxiety medications, herbal supplements. Warm, caring help from mental health professionals and therapists. All free with no pop-ups or bothers.

Achieving Sobriety Online Addiction Treatment
Achieving Sobriety Online Addiction Treatment Services - A Better Tomorrow Begins Today. Providing therapy services in and around US.

Affinity Counselling Services
Affinity Counselling Services - Telephone counselling for individuals. Providing therapy services in and around the United Kingdom.

Affinity Online Therapy in Los Angeles and World Wide
Online Therapy and Counseling Until Midnight offers Office and Web Therapy, Free Phone Consultations, Sliding Fees, Night and Weekend Psychological Services to Children, Adolescents, Adults, Individuals, Couples, Marriages and Families.

All Counseling Online
E-mail and telephone counseling for addiction, recovery, depression, and ADD.

Alternative Online Counseling
Counseling services are offered to help find and remove the beliefs that hold people back in their spiritual growth.

American Counseling Institute
Email and telephone counseling.

Amy J. Wilder
Provides online counseling for couples and for psychological difficulties. Emphasizes self-improvement and achieving potential.

Anger Coach Online
Can't get to a local anger class? The Anger Coach now provides 10 and 16 hour online anger classes taken from your computer at your convenience. Identical content to that used in our local classes, written by Ph.D. psychologist and anger expert. Videos part of program to enhance learning. Accepted by many courts.

Anxiety Help Online
AnxietyHelpOnline is a website dedicated to helping individuals suffering from anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depression and stress. The key focus of this site is Self Help with focus on health and wellness related activities without the use of medications.

Anxiety disorder therapy counseling
Telephone or Internet Counseling Sessions available for anxiety disorder clients who live outside of the Los Angeles area, who travel frequently.

Arlene Unger, Ph.D.
Overall, my success as a Licensed Psychologist and Marriage, Family, Child Counselor comes from being an active listener, an empowering coach and supportive facilitator of personal growth and change. I have been trained in positive short-term therapy. In addition, I continue to attend classes and obtain certifications that are applicable to those clients I serve. For example, I had an opportunity in the past couple of years to work with before and after surgical weight management patients. In doing so, I was able to empower them to sustain their vision of a healthy ideal weight. Currently, I am close to completing both my Nutrition and Coaching Certifications. I plan to incorporate nutritional and personal wellness into my overall passion for helping others with lifestyle redesign.

Ask Laura
Online advisor, Dr. Laura Hutchins, answers questions on bereavement, grief, and death of a loved one.

Ask My Therapist
Offers online psychotherapeutic interaction.

Ask dr-robert
an email question and answer forum, available at no charge, devoted to mental, physical, emotional wellbeing, self-knowledge, and spiritual unfoldment.

AskTheInternetTherapist LLC
Provides services by telephone, chat, and email and offers educational mental health audio tapes and videotapes.

AskTheInternetTherapist LLC
Provides services by telephone, chat, and email and offers educational mental health audio tapes and videotapes.

We provide quality online counseling and medical information via email, chat, telephone, and audiovisual mediums. We offer a full range of hypnotic audiotapes and Mental Health videotapes. We are a full healthcare clinic.

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