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The Health Research Group promotes research-based, system-wide changes in health care policy and provides oversight concerning drugs, medical devices, doctors and hospitals and occupational health. We work to ban or relabel unsafe or ineffective drugs and medical devices, improve safety standards at work sites, and educate consumers about the health care services they receive by providing information about doctors disciplined by state medical boards, hospital cesarean section rates, how to obtain your medical records, and dispute resolution in Medicare HMOs.

ARIXTRA for PE and DVT Prevention
ARIXTRA is an innovative and effective alternative anticoagulant.

Aleve All Day Strong. All Day Long.
The Aleve Joint, Back & Muscle Pain Relief Center is designed to give you detailed information on various joint, back and muscle pain conditions. Click on a topic below to find information that is specific to your needs.

Ask Dr. Shulgin
Information about psychedelics, entheogens, empathogens MDMA, Ecstasy, from a pharmacologist and chemist.

BRILIQUE (ticagrelor)
Information on BRILIQUE (ticagrelor) regarding prescribing information, key study data, efficacy, tolerability and mechanism of action.

Bayer Consumer Care Products
Bayer Consumer Care, a division of Bayer HealthCare, is headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, USA. With 2005 sales of €2,355 million, Bayer Consumer Care is among the largest over-the-counter (OTC) healthcare products companies in the world.

Bayer UK and Ireland
On this site you will find information about Bayer's prescription products providing you with information that may be useful to you in your daily tasks.

Budesonide Inhaler
Learn more about a budesonide inhaler.

Buy Careprost,Careprost wholesaler,Careprost Supplier
India Pharma Exports is the Careprost wholesaler and Careprost Supplier all over the world.Buy Careprost from us.

Canada Medical Marihuana
Canada's Medical Marihuana Resource and Grower Directory, searchable by Province or area. Canada's source for comprehensive medical marihuana information with downloadable Health Canada marijuana application forms.

Complera Prescribing Information
Read full Prescribing Information including Boxed Warnings for COMPLERA® (emtricitabine/rilpivirine/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate).

Compounding Pharmacy- MedQuest
MedQuest Pharmacy exists to provide its customers with quality preparations, supplements and services to assist them in their quest to live a better life. By focusing on innovation, relationships, efficiencies, education, and quality, MedQuest is continually advancing its contributions to the well-being of individuals and societies.

Dept. Medicines Management, Keele University.
Medicines management seeks to maximise health gain through the optimum use of medicines. It encompasses all aspects of medicines use, from the prescribing of medicines through to the ways in which medicines are taken or not taken by patients.

Drug Alerts Publications
News about research on the safety and efficacy of drugs and therapeutics

Drug Recalls: Why They Happen and What You Should Do
WebMD explains when, why, and how the FDA recalls a medication and what to do if a drug you are taking is a target.

Drug risk comparison of Lipitor, Zocor, Vytorin, Crestor, Pravachol (2509550)
Get the drug risks before they get you: Drug risk comparison of Lipitor, Zocor, Vytorin, Crestor, Pravachol (2509550)
This table is designed as a hypothesis testing, teaching and reference tool for physicians and researchers interested in drug interactions that are the result of competition for, or effects on the human cytochrome P450 system.

DrugScope is the UK's leading independent centre of expertise on drugs. Our aim is to inform policy development and reduce drug-related risk. We provide quality drug information, promote effective responses to drug taking, undertake research at local, national and international levels, advise on policy-making, encourage informed debate and speak for our member organisations working on the ground.

Drugs and Treatments - Naltrexone Oral - Patient Handout from WebMD
Information on Naltrexone Oral - Patient Handout. Find the answers you need about over the counter and prescription medications, vitamins and supplements, and much more.

Drugs used to treat HIV
There are now four main classes, or types, of drugs used to treat HIV. There will soon be five. They are called antiretrovirals (ARV). Typically, at least two classes are combined. All drugs are listed starting with their brand (drug company) name, followed by generic (chemical) names

Drugs-Anorectic - Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to questions about phentermine and other weight loss precription drugs.

Eli Lilly and Company
Lilly medicines treat schizophrenia, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, erectile dysfunction, severe sepsis, depression, bipolar disorder and many other diseases.

FLAVORx - Flavored medicine for children and adults
FLAVORx is a pharmaceutical flavoring system used by pharmacists, and loved by children across the world to safely improve the taste and smell of liquid prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicine.

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