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London - IBS Treatment and Testing Clinic
We specialise in treating IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and other gut conditions using Functional Medicine, which means we look at the root cause of your disease, treat the whole person and provide a bespoke plan designed to restore your digestive health. If you think you might have a digestive issue, we can help address your health concerns. Please get in touch on 0845 600 6626 or by email wed love to help.
IBS Treatment and Testing Clinic

Flexx Labs USA
Flexx Labs provide a range of leading supplements for bodybuilding including pre-workouts, whey protein and fat burning compounds. Flexx Labs USA

Ask the Health Nuts
Free online nutritional assessment.

Austin Nutrition & Wellness
They offer speakers and seminar presentations on topics such as nutrition, healthy eating, diets, weight, stress management, cholesterol and diabetes.

Balance Your Nutrition - nutrition analysis for better health
Optimum nutrition and health with easy and affordable home-based bio-tests, including at-home cholesterol test, antioxidant test, and tests to check for vitamin or mineral deficiencies, plus news, information, free resources and a discount shopping club.

Barnaby, Karen
Executive chef in Vancouver, British Columbia, shares inspiration and recipes.
Website for The Food Network's Surreal Gourmet Bob Blumer. Features recipes and tips for entertaining.

Body Mass Index Calculators
Offers tables for men and women, with adjustments for older and younger individuals. Includes explanation of results.

Bristow, Jenny
Features cookery programs, books, and recipes.

Brooks, Aidan: Trainee Chef
Tales of an East Ender, passionately pursuing a life-long ambition to become a top-class, world-famous chef.

Bruce the Chef
Sharing many recipes.

Calorie Count
Offers a searchable directory of nutrition facts and printable food labels. Includes a daily calorie requirement tool to determine daily calorie needs.

Calorie Counter
Lose weight through healthy eating and exercise. Support, diet tips and chat room.
Weight loss and calorie calculators and information.

This is an on-line audio-visual tool to estimate the calories needed to maintain one's current weight and, if currently overweight, to estimate the number of days it takes to reach the ideal weight by reducing the food intake appropriately.

Chef Geir's Culinary Resources
Offers recipe, answers to food related question, and an "ask the chef" section.

Chef Tom Cooks
A recipe blog from a New York chef.

Chef and the Fatman
Experiences of the creator and host of a live radio cooking show.

Los Angeles chef talks about cooking and reviews food.
Schedule for his latest TV program, recipes with a hip-hop urban twist, music to cook to, and store that sells hot sauce, t-shirts, and Chef Johnson and Curtis action figures.

Food writer provides recipes, inspirational cooking and baking ideas, gastronomic delights, restaurant, television shows and product reviews, essays, food photography, and the latest culinary news.

Information about the show and contains recipes and other information.

Choy, Sam
Celebrity chef, cookbook author, TV show host and award-winning restaurateur shares recipes from Hawaii and information about his restaurants and merchandise. Diet and Nutrition
Provides diet information including low carb diets, diet reviews, and other health information.

Consuming Passions
Chef Ian Parmenter's recipes from his television show on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC.

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