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The American Board of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (ABHPM) was formed in 1995 to establish and implement standards for the certification of physicians practicing hospice and palliative medicine. ABHPM creates and administers the certifying examination, works to implement high standards for training, and contributes to setting the standards for excellence in palliative medicine.

AHCAHP, Association for Health Center Affiliated Health Plans

AZHCA - The Arizona Health Care Association
Organized in 1953, the Arizona Health Care Association has grown into the largest and most effective non-profit long term care provider and consumer service organization in the state. Today, membership encompasses the majority of licensed, operating nursing care facilities in the state, who together provide continuous nursing care and assisted living services to over 12,500 residents.

American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine
Welcome to the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine Homepage

American College of Managed Care Medicine
Caring Partnerships through Education

American Hospice Foundation
The American Hospice Foundation opens new doors to hospice care through public education programs focused on strategically selected audiences such as employers, schools, insurance companies and religious organizations.

Association for Home Care and Hospice of North Carolina
Established in 1972, AHHC is one of the oldest and largest organizations of its kind in the nation. We represent nearly 700 licensed agencies who in turn serve over 100,000 patients in all 100 counties.

Augusta - Home Care Alliance of Maine
The Home Care Alliance of Maine, Inc. is a non-profit organization consisting of home health care providers, hospice providers and other health care organizations. The Alliance was first incorporated in 1969, as the Pine Tree Association of Home Health Agencies. The Alliance speaks with one voice in support of affordable, accessible, quality home care.

Austin - Texas Association for Home Care, Inc.
Serving the Home Care Industry for 30 Years.

California State Hospice Association
Hospice is a special way of caring for people with terminal illnesses and for their families. The hospice idea isnt new -- in fact, hospices provided comfort, kindness and nourishment to people in need hundreds of years ago. Today, hospices offer specialized services in pain and symptom management, as well as psychosocial and spiritual support to people as they near the end of lifes journey.

Children's Hospice International
Hospice care for children incorporates both a concept for caring and a system of comprehensive, interdisciplinary services. These complementary aspects address the unique needs and issues of care for children and adolescents with life-threatening conditions, and for those family members of significant others who provide the child's immediate support.

Columbus - Ohio Council for Home Care
Visit Ohio Council for Home Care Web Site for consumer, provider, vendor and general home care information.

Connecticut Association for Home Care
The Connecticut Association for Home Care is dedicated to serving its members through a strong united voice that defines community and home health care through leadership, and promotes quality and accessibility of home and community based health care. The Association will achieve this through providing information, promoting legislation, advocacy on reimbursement and regulatory issues, educating members and the public, and collaborating.

Georgia Association for Home Health Agencies
The Georgia Association for Home Health Agencies, Inc. is the voice of Georgia's home care providers. We represent Medicare certified and licensed agencies that provide in-home health care and supportive services to Georgia residents. Our mission is to provide direction, purpose, education, and leadership, as well as to promote and support high industry standards for home care providers in the State of Georgia.

Hawaii Association for Home Care (HAHC)
The Hawaii Association for Home Care is dedicated to promoting quality home care and enhancing the effectiveness of its members.

Home Care Association of Alabama
The Home Care Association of Alabama was formed in 1978 to provide a unified voice for home care providers, supporting the concept that the home environment plays a significant role in promoting well being and facilitating the healing process.

Home Care Association of Colorado
The HCAC is a voluntary, non-profit trade association dedicated to the advancement of its membership, the home care agencies of Colorado and their suppliers.

Home Care Association of New Hampshire
The Home Care Association of New Hampshire (HCANH) represents licensed agencies that provide in-home health care and supportive services to individuals living in New Hampshire. The Association promotes the delivery of responsible, high quality health care in the home by offering education and networking opportunities for home care professionals, providing leadership on home care issues, and serving as a home care advocate in the public policy arena.

Home Care Association of New Jersey
The Voice for Home Care in New Jersey

Home Care Association of New York State
Welcome to New York’s number one resource for information on how to access home health care providers and the services they provide to individuals throughout New York State.

Home Care Association of Washington
The Home Care Association of Washington (HCAW), formed in 1968, is a non-profit association dedicated to uniting licensed home health, hospice and home care agencies in order to promote in-home care as a vital component of the health care delivery system

HomeCare Association of Arkansas
Welcome to the Web site of the HomeCare Association of Arkansas. As a professional association of home care providers, we represent the interests of home care agencies and the patients they serve.

HomeCare Association of Louisiana
“The HomeCare Association of Louisiana strives to be the primary resource, advocate, and proponent for health care in the home.”

Hospice Alliance
The Hospice Alliance, the first of its kind in the nation, is a regional cooperative of well-established hospice programs in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Hospice Association of Ontario
The Hospice Association of Ontario (HAO) is Canada's largest volunteer hospice organization that represents over 150 community-based volunteer organizations providing hospice care to clients of all ages with multitude of life-threatening terminal illnesses.

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