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A guide to interpreting discordant systematic reviews
The seminal paper on how to resolve discordance across systematic reviews, from the eminent expert Alejandro Jadad at McMaster University. [1997] [PDF]

ABC Health Matters: Getting Evidence-Based Treatment
Consumer guide to understanding and applying the concepts of evidence-based medicine to treatment.

Appraising Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses
Provides criteria to use to critically appraise systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and documents some of the key pitfalls of each. [2003]

CDR Systematic Reviews: Guidance for Undertaking Reviews in Health Care
Exceptionally detailed handbook of the procedures necessary to conduct a systematic review. From the authoritative Centre for Reviews and Dissemination CRD at the University of York, publisher of DARE Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects.

Class of evidence CoE: how does it relate to critical appraisal?
Discussion of study validity and the assessment of different forms of bias. [2012]

Cochrane Library Tutorial
A twelve part nimated multi-part visual tutorial on the use and search of the Cochrane Library, developed by Oxford University.

Developing clinical practice guidelines
A 'how to' guide to the development of clinical practice guidelines, including synthesis, grading, presentation and the derivation of recommendations. [2012]

Evidence Based Medicine
A concise 85 pg. overview and study notes of the principles of evidence-based medicine for students. From Dr. Jeffrey Schaefer, University of Calgary. [PDF]

Evidence Based Medicine - Research and Subject Guides
This guide, tabbed by topic, is designed to assist health care professionals and students become effective and efficient users of the medical literature; includes a resource collection and glossary. From the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Evidence Based Medicine - Talks and Resources
Collection of fulltext copies of talks about evidence-based medicine.

Evidence based medicine: increasing, not dictating, choice
A defense of evidence-based medicine from the perspective of women's health concerns. January 06, 2007

Evidence in practice - EBM Part IV
Fourth of a four-part comprehensive mini-course on Evidence-Based Medicine; covers a sample clinical scenario through the process of the art of formulating answerable clinical questions, finding evidence, critically appraising evidence, and putting evidence into practice.

Evidence-Based Medicine: Useful Tools for Decision Making
An article from the Medical Journal of Australia explains the basic processes and concepts, with descriptions of common computer-assisted research tools. January 01, 2001

Evidence-based Medicine: Ten Top Things to Know!
A compact primer on evidence-based medicine, from basic definitions to fundamentals principles, with tips and commentary. [2012] [PDF]

GRADE: Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation
Comprehensive 74 pp., as downloadable PDF tutorial on GRADE, the leading consensus approach to grading quality of evidence and strength of recommendations. From McMaster University. [PDF]

Global health: the importance of evidence-based medicine
Compilation of presentations on how evidence-based medicine in resource-limited settings can be translated into improved health outcomes. [2013]

How to do a meta-analysis
Comprehensive guide to the process of conducting meta-analysis: selecting articles, inclusion criteria, effect sizes, practical analysis execution, and estimating publication bias. From the British Psychological Society. [PDF]

Introduction to Evidence-based Practice
Provides a summary of the principles, processes, and foundations of evidence-based decision making. Chapter from "Evidence-based Practice Across the Health Professions". [2010] [PDF]

Meta-analysis: Its strengths and limitations
Critical examination of key issues of study identification and selection; publication, search and selection bias; results heterogeneity, and data analysis. [2008]

Meta-analysis: pitfalls and hints
Practical guidelines for minimizing the risk of conducting a mediocre meta-analysis and for supporting researchers to accurately evaluate the published findings. [2013]

Navigating the Maze
The University of Virginia School of Medicine presents a guide to using web-based medical search engines, with links to the major resources.

Patterns of ‘leakage’ in the utilisation of clinical guidelines: a systemati
A systematic review of barriers to guideline implementation through an examination of rates of awareness and agreement and adoption and/or adherence, along with a call for recommendations to improve guideline adherence.

Principles of evidence based medicine - EBM Part I
First of a four-part comprehensive mini-course on Evidence-Based Medicine; covers basic EBM principles and motivation.

Progress in Evidence-Based Medicine
Assessment of where we stand in evidence-based medicine as of 2008.

Rating Evidence in Medical Literature
An overview of several evidence grading systems, including the Oxford Center for Evidence-Based Medicine, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, and the journal of the American Academy of Family Physicians. From the AMA Virtual Mentor project. [2011]

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