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All India Institute of Speech and Hearing
Provides professional training, clinical services, conducts research and educates the public on issues related to communication disorders.

Apple Dynamics
Acoustics, electroacoustics, electronics, audio and communication consultancy service. Training courses also provided to industry professionals. United Kingdom .

Applied Acoustic Design
Acoustic and environmental engineers and consultants offering noise and vibration control and consultancy services worldwide. Automotive test facilities designers.

Applied Dynamic Measurements
Manufacturer and supplier of precision acoustic weighting networks and filters. Noise and vibration research and consulting, including Torsional Vibration.

Associates in Acoustics, Inc.
Consulting firm in industrial noise measurement, engineering noise control and hearing conservation programs. Includes noise manual downloads and resource links.

Audiology Rooms Manufactured & Installed, Audiology Rooms Manufactured & Install
Audiology Rooms supplied in all sizes. We offer a turn-key service for the installation of Audiology Rooms & Audiology Booths Call Us Now - 0116 2725908

Audiology and Deafness Research Group
At the University of Manchester. Undertakes research that provides direct benefit to people who have a hearing dysfunction and delivers improved services in health care and education for adults and children with a hearing loss.

AudiologyNet is dedicated to providing web site links in audiology for patients, family members, students, and health care providers.

Audiometric Testing of Northern New England
Hearing testing and conservation programs for business and industry. Understand and control noise levels, lower employee hearing loss, and meet OSHA 1910.95 requirements.

Auditory Healing
A Health website that provides information to people who suffer from tinnitus.

Auralex Acoustics
Specializing in the manufacture of acoustical and soundproofing materials. Offering acoustic foam, bass traps, sound isolation barriers, sound diffusors, and consulting.

BKL Consultants Ltd.
Provide a wide range of objective and independent design services in acoustics, noise and vibration control, and environmental impact noise analysis.

Bowlby and Associates, Inc.
Assistance in transportation and community noise analysis and mitigation, and transportation air quality assessment.

Boys Town National Research Hospital
Research in the clinical and behavioral labs is focused on physical acoustics, psychoacoustics, hearing, language development, speech production, auditory perception and cochlear implants.

Boys Town National Research Hospital: Vestibular Genetics
Undertakes research to uncover the genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms of the vestibular/balance system.

Bretech Group of Companies
Provides engineering services to clients around the world. Principal fields of activity include; maintenance management, condition monitoring, and advanced diagnostics.

CCR Associates Llc
Offers consultation and diagnostic services to organizations with acoustical concerns that include speech privacy, confidentiality, and machine noise .

CSA Engineering, Inc.
Provides engineered solutions for vibration suppression, isolation, very low-frequency suspension systems, noise control, and specialized dynamic testing.

Callier Center at UT Dallas: Research
Undertaking research into the causes, prevention, assessment and treatment of communication disorders.

Camets Services Pty Ltd
Engineering firm with experience in many areas including regulatory and research aspects of acoustics, noise, vibration control, and design. Australia.

Center for Balance Disorders: Baylor College of Medicine
Undertakes clinical research in order to study and evaluate the function of the vestibular system.

Chatswood, NSW - National Acoustic Laboratories
Since 1947, NAL's research into hearing has opened new ways in which people with hearing loss can be helped. The vast majority of the research at NAL is performed in the public good as a Community Service Obligation of Australian Hearing and is partly funded by the Commonwealth Government.

Cullum Detuners Limited
50 years experience in the design, development, manufacture and installation of jet engine test facilities.

Curtis Technology UK
High Performance DSP specialists providing compact, modular solutions for Radar, Sonar and other DSP applications.

DSM & Associates
Solutions for acoustics, sound, audio/visual systems and project management. Assisting architects, engineers, school systems, Colleges and Universities, churches, recording studios, television and radio stations contractors.

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