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100 werden
Der Blog für ein langes Leben beschäftigt sich mit gesunder Ernährung und bietet Tipps und Tricks für eine gesündere Lebensweise.

ABCs of Anti-Aging
Offers BECOME YOUNGER! interactive online magazine, recipes for longevity, articles about long-lived people, ancient and modern theories of aging, brain longevity, home spa, and much more!

The Phoenix Foundation's Virtual Medical library of research in biology, aging, medicine and genetics.

The ancient secrets of the Maya, including Mayan herbs, Mayan culture and religion, herbal lore and Native American herbs for health,healing with alternative medicine,prevention of aging, and beauty.

Acne And Wrinkle Treatment Guidelines
Having acne or wrinkle problems? Everything you need to know about acne and wrinkle treatments, the causes and types can be found right here!

Acne Treatment Clinics
Providers of treatment in the locality of Toronto, Canada.

Acne and acne scarring: why should we treat?
Reasons for early medical intervention and options for treatment of acne scarring, from the Medical Journal of Australia.

Advice HGH
Detailed research on human growth hormone (HGH) and IGF-1 supplements. Information and clinical studies on Growth Hormone products. Sound hGH advice without all the hype.

Aging & Longevity Information
Aging and Longevity relate to the physical and psychological effects of healthy aging and retaining a positive attitude. The following websites pertaining to Aging & Longevity have been reviewed by the editorial staff at for quality and cal

Aging Research Centre (ARC)
Welcome to the Aging Research Centre (ARC). We are dedicated to providing a service that allows researchers in this field to find information that is related to the study of the aging process. We also endeavor to introduce this field to laymen who would like to know more about the research that is being conducted in this field.

Aging mechanisms -- Takahashi et al. 97 (23): 12407 -- Proceedings of the Nation
Aging (senescence) has long been a difficult issue to be experimentally analyzed because of stochastic processes, which contrast with the programmed events during early development. However, we have recently started to learn the molecular mechanisms that control aging. Studies of the mutant mouse, klotho, showing premature aging, raise a possibility that mammals have an "anti-aging hormone."

Alternative and Holistic Anti-Aging Programs
Educational and informative about Alternative Treatments for Health and Healing

American Health and Beauty
American Health & Beauty is an online magazine designed to provide consumers with the latest news and information about both invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures

An Online Guide to Cosmetic Surgery
The Cosmetic Surgery Insider offers you objective information about current cosmetic surgery procedures, the real costs, recovery times, and the benefits and risks behind cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Anti Aging 4 Mature Women
Provides information on anti aging exercises, diet, skin care, and energy booster for women older than 50 years.

Anti Aging Aktuell
Das Portal bietet Beiträge zu Beauty, Gesundheit, Ernährung, Bewegung und Hautpflege.

Anti Aging Magazin
Der Online-Ratgeber bietet News, Tipps und Hintergrund-Informationen, die dabei helfen sollen, fit, gesund und attraktiv zu bleiben.

Anti Aging and Staying Young
Guide to different aspects of anti aging. Info on nutrition, skin care & exercise. Provides senior single dating info & top ten reasons to retire.

Anti Aging — Real Help For Living Better
Anti aging is about being healthy, vibrant, energetic, and loving life. You have control over how you feel, and God has something to say about what you can do to enjoy life more.

Anti Treatment Wrinkle
Anti Treatment Wrinkle offers information and product recommendation for facial skin care products anti-aging moisturizers acne lotions treatments

Anti aging skin care company
Anti aging skin care secrets reveiled, packed with information and tips on how to keep your skin looking younger for longer.

Bietet einen kurzen Überblick zum Thema. Angebot von 'X4d Media' Dirk Staudinger.

Provides anti-aging tips, articles, recommendations, and resources to help users age gracefully and naturally.

Anti-Aging Directory: Find Anti-Aging Programs.
Find Longevity and Anti-Aging professionals near you.

Anti-Aging Doctors Sue Professors
Heard the one about the professor who jokingly gave the two osteopathic physicians a bottle of snake oil? Well, they didn’t think it was funny. In fact, the co-founders of the Chicago-based American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) decided to sue S. Jay Olshansky, professor of epidemiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Thomas Perls, associate professor of geriatrics at Boston University, for $240 million

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