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Calgary - West Springs Chiropractic & Health Centre
Caterina Lerede, BSc, DC; Kent Stuber, BSc, DC; Vicki Sapach, RMT; Andrea Kenny, BComm, ND; Lee MacKenzie BSc, CAT(C); One of the best things about a multi-disciplinary practice is that you can have several practitioners treating you the same day in one convenient location. This approach allows you to obtain a wide range of benefits from the various treatments and therapies offered in the centre.

Camden - Belsize Health Clinic
An alternative health practice located in Belsize Park. Includes information about the therapies available and a price guide.

Camden - Bloomsbury Health Centre
Health clinic offering osteopathy, massage treatment, herbal medicine, nutritional therapy and acupuncture. Includes about, fees and therapies.

Camden - Helios
Offering a range of complementary therapies for people interested in holistic healthy living. Includes list of therapies available and details of courses offered.

Camden - Oasis Health Clinic
Situated in Covent Garden offering complementary therapies. Includes information about treatments available and prices.

Camden - The Summit
Complementary health centre situated in Highgate. Includes information about the practitioners and directions.

Carpe Diem
Das Blog von Angela Braun bietet Informationen, die leicht in den Alltag integriert werden können und Schritt für Schritt zu mehr Lebensfreude und dem erreichen des eigenen Lebenstraumes führen sollen.

Center 4 Well Being
Center 4 Well Being specializes in health, rejuvenation and renewal. We are committed to assisting you in raising and maintaining your highest level of health and vitality. We are glad to offer you wholistic, integrative therapies that "go to the core of your problems, discomfort, dis-ease and clear the cause" - producing relief, restoration, and rejuvenation.

Center for Advanced Medicine
Specializing in the effective diagnosis and treatment of the root causes of chronic illness by combining the best of modern medicine with natural therapeutics. Encinitas

Changampalli Ayurveda Vaidyasala
Nursing home providing ayurveda treatments such as Uzhichil, nasyam, and dhara.

Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic
About this Oakland state licensed holistic health clinic that provides free complementary alternative medicine treatments to low-income women with cancer.

Chiropractic Wellness Center
Clinic in San Diego performs chiropractics, massage, nutrition, and herbal weight loss.

Chirurgie esthetique Tunisie
Vous désirez faire appel à le bistouri esthétique, vous avez besoin de renseignements sur les chirurgiens et les principales cliniques esthétiques en Tunisie ? merci de vouloir nous contacter

Cincinnati - LaValle Metabolic Institute
The Lavalle Metabolic Institute is an integrative health care facility in Cincinnati, OH specializing in the Metabolic Code Assessment as well as the Balance Weight Loss program.

Circle of Life
Learn about juice fasts and detox retreats; includes profile, testimonials, events, and tips for losing weight. Main programs in Delray Beach, Florida with week long events in California and Mexico.

Clapham Common Clinic
The Clapham Common Clinic is a friendly, caring clinic where we offer you a wide range of available natural health care.

Clean Lean And Healthy
Information about raw foods, juice fasting, juice cleanses, detox, and recipes in a rich media format.

Club Longevity: A Place of Healing
The Club Longevity website seeks to promote the third floor of Victory Medical and Family Care. The third floor is called Club Longevity and contains an integrative approach to medicine by combining a program of diet/nutrition, excercise, and natural hormone replacement therapy. Personal fitness plans will be available through affilates as well as nutritional supplement package programs Sold onsite). Other services of the third floor will include massage, chiropractic care and an audiology unit.

Co-creating Natural health and Wellness
Alternative health care products that detoxify, cleanse, nourish, oxygenate, alkalinize and re-balance your body for optimum wellness.

Coaching for health
Yoga, Stress Management, Health andDiet Coaching in Hertfordshire and London

Coarsegold - Dr Carl Bosco Natural Health Consultations
I became acquainted with and excited about Natural Health when just a young kid. Even then I felt there was something grossly lacking in the medical way of looking at disease. In school our teachers scared the living daylights out of us with images and tales of the inevitability of disease and how our fragile bodies were prizes in a battle against sinister forces in the environment. No one talked about living in harmony with nature, no one mentioned the role of the toxic substances we were ingesting, no one talked about the importance of living and eating habits in the production of disease. Remember, this was before the drug companies had a firm stranglehold on medical practice, and there were not that many toxic drugs available to take. The situation is much worse now.

Colonic Cleansing Detox Fasting Weightloss programs on Island Paradise of Koh Sa
Beach side resort in samui offering cleansing, detox, fasting, weightloss, ozone, yoga, colonic irrigation, healthy food, meditation, reiki, EFT.

Colostrum is a natural way to support your immune system and combat bacteria and viruses with one product.

Colour Energy
Offering a line of wellness products based on the power of colour to promote the balance of our mind, body and soul

Complementary Wellness
Healthcare, Complementary, Alternative, Holistic, Integrative, Wellness; Free Newsletter, Journal; 50+ Descriptions of Acupressure through Yoga; Leading Practitioners; Y2K; First Aid

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