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Alternatice Therapies for Health & Fitness
Covering many aspects of fitness & health. Including alternative therapies such Acupuncture, Bio Feedback, Therapeutic Massage, Meditation and Yoga.

Alternative Aromatherapy Stress Busting
Alternative Stress Relief, offering a range of Stress Busting holistic products which gently diffuse stress-relieving essential oils into your office or home.

Alternative Gesundheit
Das Portal bietet einen Veranstaltungskalender, aktuelle Artikel zum Thema, Testberichte und Kleinanzeigen.

Alternative Health Directory
Search 26,000 alternative health web pages

Alternative Health Search Engine
Search 300,000 alternative health web pages

Alternative Heilkunst
Das Kommunikationsforum für Heilpraktiker, Ärzte und Laien informiert über Akupunktur, Homöopathie, Qigong, Massagen, Heilkräuter, Bachblüten, Heilsteine, Heilbäder, Heilmagnete, Heilpraktiker und Heilträume.

Alternative Heilmethoden
Es werden verschiedene Therapien mit Wirkungsweise und Anwendungsgebieten beschrieben.

Alternative Heilmethoden
Das Blog für Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden bietet Informationen zu alternativen Heilmethoden, Möglichkeiten zur Selbsthilfe, Meditationen, Büchern und Veranstaltungen.

Alternative Medicines and Research Institute
Institute that offers correspondence courses, international conferences and world wide research on alternative medicines.

Alternative Medizin
Das Portal bietet Informationen zu Heilverfahren, zu Ausbildungen sowie eine Heilpraktikersuche. Anbieter können sich kostenpflichtig eintragen.

Alternative Medizin Berlin
Informationen zu Heilpraktikern und deren Heilverfahren in Berlin mit Angaben zu Fachverbänden und Ausbildungszeiten.

Alternative Spiritual Healing Holistic Health Arts
Abstract Art as templates for higher spectrum healing energies.Works according to your faith

Alternative Therapien und Ernährung
Neben Informationen zu alternativen Therapieformen, zur Ernährung und zu Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln gibt es ein Diskussionsforum.

Alternative and Holistic Therapies
A unique site on the vital importance of Naturopathy, Yoga and Acupuncture in promoting the positive health.

Alternative cures and home remedies from around the world
The theme of this website is to list possible alternative cures and home remedies from around the world for various ailments

Alternative health products - Detox foot pads
Alternative health products for detoxing your body. Detox foot pads, safe natural and easy to use

Alternative medicine information
Alternative medicine information, natural cures, ecofriendly products

Alternative vision care - nutrition, lifestyle, disease prevention
Preserving vision naturally - research based nutrition and lifestyle protocols for over 20 eye diseases

Ein schweizer Verzeichnis für Alternativmedizin, Gesundheit und Wellness, welches nach Orten, Kantonen und Fachrichtungen durchsucht werden kann. Anbieter können sich kostenpflichtig registrieren lassen.

Amy the Wellness Coach
I specialize in helping individuals achieve their health goals by correcting misinformation and providing effective plans to attain health in three key areas: chemical, emotional, and physical.

Angel Goddess
Alternative Health and Wellness, Women, Environment

Angelic Healing
Holistic Healing Create a life of balance and well being. Helping You to take control of your life!!

Ann Bernard, OT Reg Ont., R.C.S.T.
Specializes in integrative manual, CranioSacral and occupational therapies. Also registered to prescribe mobility equipment under the Ontario Assistive Devices Program.

Another Miracle Today!
Another Miracle Today! was established to offer alternative healing strategies and holistic counseling for body, mind, and spirit. Rev. Peggy R. Gaylord acts as a facilitator, empowering people to influence, utilize, and allow their own natural healing process to be engaged, shifting them toward personal transformation, physical well-being, and total wellness.This is accomplished with an interactive assessment of each person's needs; and then an individualized program is recommended for each client, guided by their situation and desired goals. Methods include both ancient and advanced modern strategies. All tools are used toward the purpose of healing.Many Tools, One Vision: Transforming Our PlanetOne Person At a Time

Arlington - Michael Janson, M.D
Dr. Janson is past-president of both the American College for Advancement in Medicine and the American Preventive Medical Association, and he founded and directed the first complementary-alternative medical center in New England, in Cambridge, Massachusetts in1976. He is one of the best-known holistic physicians in the country.

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