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Comprehensive care and wellness
Comprehensive, natural, and affordable solutions to healthcare

Consegrity is a wellness support program that has been found to be effective with a wide range of health problems. Consegrity is a non-invasive healing modality that clears trapped energy around cells that hinders optimal cellular function. Clearing this extraneous energy results in the disappearance of physical symptoms and disease.

Constipation & Colon Cleansing
The Constipation & Colon Cleansing Resource Center

Create Your Own Healing
Anthropologist specialized in Healing and Human Potential: Optimal Energy Health, The art of manifesting and creating,mind-body-spirit balance and thriving,achieving goals and dreams.

Crystal and Gemstone Healing Information
Crystal and gemstone healing Under the guidance of a qualified practitioner, crystal healing may promote a feeling of relaxation and facilitate a release of stress. Crystals may be placed on or around.

Cyberspace Health Clinic
We provide you with all you need to know about complementary health and natural medicine, plus access to the UK's premier complementary therapists and medical doctors specialising in integrated medicine - via our unique screening, search and booking system.

Dallas and Fort Worth - Energy Wellness
Sometimes our brains become imbalanced due to the stress and strain of life in addition to the toxicity found in the foods we eat. Many of us struggle with anxiety, insomnia, focus issues, headaches, anger and others types of related issues and we may find ourselves in need of brain balancing and energy support. Through the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system, the brain is given back information that it uses to correct itself and function more efficiently, bringing balance and peace of mind to the body, mind and spirit, and improving performance in many different areas. Neurofeedback trainers have reported positive outcomes for individuals coping with symptoms associated with ADD, ADHD, PTSD disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, Sleep disorders, Insomnia and Cognitive dysfunction from chemo-therapy. To learn more about NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, as well as other energy balancing systems available at Energy Wellness DFW, contact us to arrange for a free consultation.

Die Datenbank enthält zahlreiche umfangreiche Artikel zu verschiedenen Gebieten.

und Therapieverfahren mit Literaturhinweisen.

Detox Central: Learn How to Detox Right
Do you have a toxic system? Detoxing the body, the right way, can help you sleep better, improve digestion and elimination, help you lose weight, and give you more energy. Learn the best detox programs and how to detox safely

Detox Oasis
Cleansing and natural detox retreat in Shoals, Indiana. Additional retreat in Costa Rica.

Detox Plus
Offers individual and week long retreats based on living foods, juicing, and colonic hydrotherapy. Profile, treatments and prices. Located in Hampshire, England.

Dietary Supplements Guide
We offer visitors in depth research about nutrients and dietary supplements.

Dietary Supplements online store in india
Dietary supplements, Health Products, Nutraceuticals, Health Foods shopping

Doswell - Caring Hands Wellness Center
As Central Virginia's first center for Canadian Deep Muscle Massage, we are proud to serve a wide variety of clients from all over Virginia.

Dr. Cinque's Health Retreat
Find out about fasting retreats for weight loss and overcoming addictions. Located in Buda, Texas.

Dr. Darryl Pokea the Mind Body Connection for Health and Wellnes
Dr. Darryl Pokea shares his insight on mind, body, and spirit as well as complementary medicine promoting healing and well being. Dr. Pokea offers articles, presentations, as well as Meditation and Relaxation CD's that he has composed and authored, for promoting Healing and Wellness.

Dr. James Williams
Practiitioner in holistic and integrated medicine Dr. W specializing in woman's health in menopause as well as Hepatitis C conditions. Encinitas, CA

Dr. Liefmann's Arthritis Treatment
Dr. Liefmann's Arthritis Treatment - No more pain, no more suffering from crippling arthritis, now available to you this miraculous life saving arthritis formula

Dr. Munir Khan
Scientist Munir Khan has devoted twenty-four years in the pursuit of research with reference to the subject of Body Revival. The treatment fundamentally consists only herbals and honey. It should be noted as a significant fact that scientist Munir Khan's "BODY REVIVAL" are complete herbal based formulations.

Dr. Robert Jackson: Acton, Massachusetts
My approach integrates preventative and alternative methods focused on: the elimination of pain, the avoidance of negative environmental influences, the avoidance of unhealthy lifestyle practices, the unlocking and elimination of hormone disruptors, and the healing power of whole foods.

Dunkelfeld-Diagnostik-Datenbank für den Heilpraktiker und Arzt um die Blutuntersuchungen in der Dunkelfeld-Mikroskopie Pleomorphologie nach Enderlein abzustimmen und zu vergleichen. Forum, Blutbilderdatenbank und einige Artikel sind nur nach Anmeldung zugänglich.

holistic,alternative health company offering consultations, classes, trusted health products and Native American Medicine Wheels.

Eine Gesundheit - das Gesundheitsblog.
Ein Blog mit dem Schwerpunkt der alternativen Medizien. Im besonderen Fokus liegen Heilpflanzen sowie deren Wirkung und Nebenwirkungen.

Elizabeth Thorson - Spiritual Consultant
Elizabeth works Intuitively through the Astrological lens. She views archetypal patterns, strengths and challenges that impact body/mind/spirit which ultimately affects overall health and wellbeing.

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